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Custom videos, mp3s, private skype shows, sexting, dick rates & more!

Want a custom video?

Let me bring all of your fantasies to life.

I live and breathe to create erotic art. I long to make your wildest dreams come true with nothing but my body and a video camera. I'm open to most things so long as they are note hateful, illegal, or disrespectful. I have a wide variety of toys, lingerie, heels, dresses, and BDSM equipment. I also have a live-in stunt-cock if you need me to fuck someone for your Dream Porno. ;) Simply complete the video order form below, and then I will send you a "for your eyes only" link to purchase your video! Please be ready to purchase within 7 days or the secret link will disappear.

Book a Private 1-on-1 Show

Let's play via Skype, Discord, or even Zoom! Your choice! I just want to get off with you!

Want to have some private, naughty alone time with me? I know I can't wait to have you all to myself...

You can just watch, or if you're feeling up to it, we can cam2cam. The possibilities are endless!

To secure our private show together, please use the Required Deposite option below , and then use the next link to schedule our time and follow the instructions on that page and we will be off to play together!

$75 Deposit (Now) + $5/min (Later)

The deposit is non-refundable but it does go towards our time together. Thus, $75 is my minimum for a private call.

All private calls will take place via Skype, Zoom, or Discord. It is your choice entirely!


Phone, Sexting & Custom Audios

15 Minute Goodnight Phonecall ($15)

After purchasing, use the contact form on my "Contact Page" to let me know you've purchased this item so we can schedule your sweet goodnight phone call! If you live outside the US, this will need to take place via a Discord, Skype, or Kik audio call.

30 Minute Sexting Session ($65)

After purchasing, please click the link below to schedule our texting session! 30 minutes from start to finish, and I am available 7 days a week! I can't wait to play! Includes photos & cell phone shot mini videos.

Custom Audio mp3 ($40)

Want a custom 5-10 minute mp3 of me whispering sweet nothing into your ear? Telling you all the naughty things I want to do to you, all the depraved ways I want you to use my body?After purchase, click the link below to fill out the mp3 order form! There you can even upload a script if you have one!

Virtual GFE Dates

Walk In The Park - Picnic Video Call Date

(1 hr via video call - $250 total)

I'll video call you from my phone as I take a walk around my park or set up a cozy little picnic of us complete with sweet little desserts and a bottle of wine.

(Early Mornings or Late evenings PST only in the Summer Months)

After paying the deposit, please head to my calendar below to secure our picnic date & get all the details!!

$100 Deposit (now) & the rest $150 before our actual date.

Workout Buddies!

(1 hr -via video call - $150 total)

I'm not a personal trainer, but I see no reason why we can't motivate each other to stay in shape!

I can help you choose a workout based on any equipment you have at home or show you my favorite low-impact equipment-free body & cardio workouts! Of course, I'll join you and get my sweat on too! I wouldn't let a friend work out solo! (Plus I look really cute in workout shorts!)

After purchasing our session please head to my calendar below to schedule & get all the details!!

Movie Night on Discord!

(Up to a 2.5 hr movie - $150)

You know that cool little feature on discord where we can watch a movie at the same time?

I'll set that up for us with a bowl of popcorn, but I'm happy to let YOU pick the movie! You can pick anything from netflix, hulu, or youtube! Or you can let me surprise you with one of my favorites.

After purchasing our date night, please head to my calendar below to sschedule & get all the details!!

~ Dick Rates! Let me see your dick! ~

Dick Rating (Text $10)

Let me see it!! After purchasing, fill out the order form below and send me 2-3 well-lit photos and I'll let you know what I think of your cock. (I am always honest, but I love catering to fetishes. So if you have an SPH or praise fetish, let me know, and I'll be happy to make you happy!

Dick Rating (Audio $20)

I wanna see that cock, baby! After purchasing, fill out the order form below! Then I want you to get your cock all nice and hard for me and send 2-3 well-lit photos and I'll send you a hot little voice note/mp3 of me rating your cock and telling you exactly what I'd like to do to you.

As always, I am honest - but if you have an SPH or praise fetish, let me know! I'm happy to make you happy!

Dick Rating (Video $30)

I'm horny and I wanna see what you've got packing in your pants! After purchasing, fill out the order form below. Then I want you to edge yourself and get rock hard for me.... and oh yeah, send me 2-3 well-lit photos of your hard cock for me to rate. I'll send you a video of me telling you what I think of your dick, what I want to do to you, how I want you to fuck me, and play with my pussy while staring at your hard on.

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